Battery Charger

The automatic generators must always keep the starter batteries ready to work, which are essential for starting the engine, to be charged.

Nomis produces battery chargers for static generators, powered by 230V alternating current and with a wide voltage range and capable of charging with an output current of 6 to 10Amps.

The battery chargers for Nomis generators are available in the 12V and 24V versions.

Battery Chargers, CB, are power supplies with reliable technology that charge lead batteries, optimizing their performance and increasing their expected life.

They are equipped with a system for mounting on a DIN rail and holes for standard fixing.

They are characterized by a constant output voltage, and are protected in case of accidental inversion during connection.

They are also equipped with a current limiter, short-circuit protection and high temperature protection.

The Boost function is standard on all models and allows to operate the fast charge mode.

Three LED’s show the operating status of the battery charger.

battery charger generator

Battery Charge Application

Here are some typical applications of our Battery Chargers: Generating sets; Application in the Marine sector; Safety installations; Emergency backup; backup lighting; telecommunications; BSC; Antennas; Forklifts, Telescopic Handlers.
The most common application is the one within the main generator emergency systems. The batteries of emergency generator sets must be reliable and ready for start-up. The Battery Charger is powered by the main network and acts as a charge maintainer while the generator is off. The charger is powered by alternating current and delivers a continuous DC voltage between 12VDC and 24VDC.

At the same time in Battery Charge Nomis protects the batteries from anomalies that arise due to incorrect connections or other anomalies during operation.

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