Electronic Engine Revolutions Regulators

The Electronic Engine Speed Governor are the result of years of experience in the generators supply and repair that have allowed us to develop new products dedicated to the genset field.

Our Speed Governors for diesel engines are the result of a constant commitment in terms of innovation and product development.

The speed governors are compatible with the main genuine regulators and engines supplied as standard with the engine, are easily to set up to be adapted to the technical specifications of the engine.

electronic speed governorAll adjustments must be performed by specialized and technically trained personnel.
The Speed Governors Nomis are also suitable for the upgrade of motor with a mechanical speed regulation systems. The advantage of an electronic governor is the precision of the response, especially when combined with a high-performance actuator.

Some applications inserted in the user’s system require a precise and constant electric frequency, not subject to sudden changes. Only an electronic adjustment can satisfy this requirement.

The response of the speed controller is directly influenced by the operation of the pick-up sensor installed on the flywheel of the engine to read the speed and provide this information to the speed controller.

Some models of Nomis Governor are equipped with trimmers for adjusting the response, stability and speed. They are also compatible with famous devices on the market such as “GAC”.

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