avr nomisIt happens to everyone to introduce a person to someone and regardless of whether it is more or less informal circumstances, it is almost always a simple operation.

When you know someone for the first time it is really easy to remember what they do in life, how they are dressed, what color their hair is, but it is extraordinarily incredible how difficult it is to remember the name. It is something natural, as if our mind were captured and distracted by something else just as our interlocutor pronounces his name.

If it is difficult to remember the name of a person, in flesh and blood, who shakes your hand and greets you with his tone of voice, then how difficult is it to remember the name of a company simply by surfing the internet?

The only thing to do in this case is to try to be remembered first for what you do and then for the name.

We produce electronic devices for the control and management of power electronics, more precisely Satitic Continuity Groups, (UPS), and Automatic Voltage Regulators, (AVR) or electronic devices that are installed inside the generators of the generators .

As you can see with our first article, we were short, because we want to be remembered for what we do and contextually occupy a position in your mind when you think of AVR and UPS.

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