The twin conversion is an increasingly widespread technology, let’s understand why:

twin conversion ups

The UPS is a device usually consisting of:

a rectifier that converts the alternating voltage at the input of the electric network into direct voltage;
a battery of accumulators charged by the previously converted voltage;
an inverter that, by withdrawing energy from the rectifier or from the batteries in case of power failure, supplies energy to the connected electric load.
Considering the ultimate goal of the UPS to keep the electrical load that feeds in continuity, the double conversion online technology has become increasingly popular and is now one of the most produced and sold backup technologies in the world.

For double conversion, we mean the conversion of incoming electrical power first from alternating to continuous and then then back into alternating voltage with the aid of an inverter.

With this system, the alternating voltage supplied by the UPS will be stabilized and filtered as it is totally reconstructed by the inverter thus making the voltage and current output from the UPS totally independent of each other.

The further application of the double conversion system takes place when the UPS itself powers the user even in the presence of mains voltage, by “filtering” and “cleaning”, as it were, any problem present in the main power grid. This application defines itself as “Online”.

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